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Vehicular Accident Reconstruction

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In the United States, there are an upwards of ten million motor vehicle crashes annually. While many of these incidents result in minor injuries, such as bumps or bruises, over thirty thousand Americans are killed in traffic accidents each year. Daniel Vomhof possess expertise in physics and vehicle dynamics to reconstruct an accident play by play. Unlike relying solely on software or published equations, our engineers can substantiate and defend their calculations.

The Role of Vehicle Engineers as Crash Reconstructionists

The staff at Expert Witness Services bring extensive experience from the automotive industry. Comprehensive education and training in physics and vehicle systems, and years of experience decoding vehicular accidents, we offer deep insights into vehicle dynamics and how vehicles react before, during, and after a collision. 

Modern vehicles are highly complex machines, encompassing electronic systems, vehicle structures, and the manufacturing of various components. We are able to indicate the possibility of the failure of a specific component is questioned. 

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